I’m your guide to success that you’ve been looking for.

My name is Jonathan Pritchard and I’ve spent 20+ years traveling the world, researching the power of the mind, and sharing the secrets I’ve discovered with a select few who have reached unimaginable success.

I’ve created The Inner Sanctum to show ordinary folks how to leverage their mind & skills with the internet to create real-life freedom of time, money, and location.

Success is a recipe.
Follow the steps; get the results.

You’ve been lied to your whole life. You don’t need more motivation. You don’t need more willpower.

Success is the natural result of doing the right things. It’s physics. Cause & Effect.

Motivation does not get you results. Results get you motivated.

I will help your mind get focused on what works and help you shortcut your way to success if you want to:

  • Be a freelancer, or consultant
  • Scale beyond your current limits
  • Become more accountable
  • Improve your social reach
  • Create a distinct personal brand
  • Get fit
  • Leverage powerful psychology for massive results. . .



1:1 Texting Support

Just like a boat requires consistent little adjustments to stay on course, it’s useful to have instant access to guidance when you need it via private chat on WhatsApp. The standard coaching dynamic lets you ask questions whenever you need answers with voice & text answers from me. Every problem, every speed bump; I’m there.


1:1 Video Conferencing

While the principles might be easy to understand, it can be confusing to put them into practice when you’re too close to your problems. Video chats allow you to get exactly the information you need to make immediate shifts in your life & business. Whether it’s 30 or 60 minutes, you’ll get precisely what you need, and nothing else. These aren’t regurgitated factoids; this is on the spot dynamic problem solving for your business. Simply put: this is massive leverage for success.

What Do They Think?

I could tell you that I’m amazing, but I’ll let my clients say it for me.

Jonathan is a rock star; in less than 10 minutes he streamlined my process by over 50% which will save me thousands in costs. He’s really easy to work with and tells you what you need to hear.

We are using your great ideas to streamline our message into a disciplined, succinct, accessible communication and that makes a tremendous difference. Your thoughts are helping move the needle far and fast. We are creating a Lean Executive Summary and the narrative portion is based upon your methodology. Our professional designer, Amy, is creating our pitch deck based again upon your blueprint.

Jonathan spoke about increasing your business productivity via how you engage with your audience. I still refer to the notes I took from that talk now, about 2 years later. I took that much away from his talk. He’s got powerful strategies that obviously work and I’m grateful that he shared them with me. They’ve made a huge difference in how I engage with people. Thank you <3

You not only displayed versatile expertise in your field but also leadership throughout… It was a delight to see so much engagement between you and the various audience member after each of the sessions.  Additionally, I’ve had several SLLs comment on how it was one of the clear highlights of the Expo and Learning part of the conference.  Most mentioned how they appreciated the presentation itself, the dynamic content, especially since both were externally and future-focused…while still organically connecting back to leadership.


Making people successful is my full time occupation. Some of the world’s largest companies have hired me to help their teams be more effective. Companies like:

My Personal Guarantee:
If you don’t benefit, neither will I.

If you don’t learn anything, I won’t earn anything. Money back, guaranteed. These strategies have transformed my life, and I know they’ll work for you. But. If for some unearthly reason you try them out and you get zero results, I get zero dollars. I’ll give you your money back. It’s the only fair thing to do.

Mentorship Plans

$99/month Standard

1:1 texting support with detailed answers when you need them the most.

$299/month Advanced

1:1 texting support with details answers when you need them the most.

1:1 video conferencing calls for a total of 2 hours divided however it works best for you. Nothing held back.

The Inner Sanctum Membership

Both coaching plans get you access to the exclusive membership site where fellow students of success can share ideas and grow together. We have members from all over the world (literally), so the connections you can simply make by joining up are limitless.

You’ll also have access to courses on:

  • Automated Income
  • Online Sales & Marketing
  • Powerful Mindset Shifts
  • More. . .